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Deburring machines

Deburring machines are used to remove deburrs, minor bumps on the surfaces and edges of parts, as well as to prepare the part for additional processes. Deburrs and protrusions on component surfaces can adversely affect their service life, safety, and performance, such as:

  1. Cause problems with connectors and connections.

  2. Reduce fatigue resistance and failure in parts.

  3. Lack of proper assembly.

  4. Creating lines and removing the coating of other parts resulting in

  5. the penetration of destructive agents and corrosion.

  6. Lubrication problems.

  7. Causing harm to humans.

Deburring is one of the valuable processes in production that can greatly eliminate risks and problems.

The types of deburring methods are:

  1. Manual deburring: This method is done by experienced and expert people, due to its popularity, it is adjustable and has high flexibility and low process cost.
  2. ECM electrochemical deburring: It will be economical for high-rate products and has good accuracy. In this method, a combination of salt and electricity is used to destroy the deburrs without damaging the surrounding parts.
  3. TEM thermal deburring in this method, thermal energy can eliminate hard deburrs and can be done on several surfaces simultaneously. In this method, a mixture of several gases is used to explode, which destroys the deburrs.
  4. Mechanical deburring: Unwanted deburrs and defects can be done by mechanical methods, including grinding or by using special brushes, etc., by a machine or manually.

Mechanical deburring machines are classified into the following types in terms of application:

  1. Edge deburring machine
  2. Vibrating deburring machine
  3. Pipe deburring machine
  4. Surface deburring machine

Given the brief explanations that have been expressed so far, the answer to this question is how to buy a suitable deburring machine?

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