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Bending Machines

When you are going to purchase a bending machine, you need to consider some important parameters to select the best one. Here are some tips to help you:

First of all, we need to know that bending Machines classified according to the materials and shapes they can bend. Sometimes the sheets are bent for industrial purposes. For this case, it is better to use sheet bending Machines. Pipe/ tube bending machines are widely used in metalworking processes. These machines are used in a wide range of industries, such as the automotive industry, to bend exhaust pipes, brake and clutch pipes, and the home appliance industry.
Bar or rebar bending machines are considered to be the simplest bending machines in terms of structure. They are simple machines because they don’t have cutting and feeding devices. Their most important characteristics are their strength and speed. These days, rod bending machines are used in the forging and construction industries of buildings.
Profile bending machines bend a piece with different shapes that are neither sheet-shaped nor tubular. Profile bending machines are able to easily bend profiles with U-H-E-T shapes and beams. The dimensions and shape of the profiles are the main parameters in choosing these devices.
With regard to wire bending machines, most experts do not know the difference between a rod and a wire, and sometimes mistakenly use a rod instead of a wire and vice versa. Wires are usually coiled, but rods are not coiled. Many wires are metal alloys. In the process of bending the wire, the wires that are bent are usually the same as the final products, such as springs, clamps, hangers, and so on. Due to the low thickness and smaller size of the parts, the two factors of speed and accuracy are the factors mentioned in wire bending devices.