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Price of hydraulic press machine

If you need to buy a hydraulic press machine, you may find a relatively small press that meets your expectations. This machine may be worth between $ 200 and $ 1,500, but it can not handle heavier tasks. Therefore, a more powerful press machine should be selected, which will cost at least more than $ 2,000.

Two points were mentioned here, the first is the amount of production requirement and the second is the ability of the machine, which can determine the price of the hydraulic press. In addition, there are many factors that can affect pricing, which we will discuss below.

It is recommended that you use FactorNeed technical support recommendations if you need to purchase hydraulic presses to experience a safe purchase.

Regardless of the brand and country of manufacture, the power of the machine, the complexity of the machine and the options installed on the press also have a significant impact on its price.

But the point that makes the difference in their price is:

  • Ability or tonnage of the device

  • adaptation

  • Different options and auxiliary equipment

  • Dimensions and size of the machine

  • Brand and reputation of the manufacturer and country of manufacture

  • The degree of accuracy in production

  • Automatic or non-automatic machine and ....

  • Buyer wishes

قیمت یک دستگاه پرس هیدرولیکی چقدر است؟

How to buy a hydraulic press?

In the first step, it is important to pay attention to important points, such as the expectation of the efficiency and type of press machine, and the preparation of industrial drawings of the final products. The prepared drawings must be technically accurate and complete, and along with them, send your desired items and points to the manufacturer in a completely clear manner.

After reviewing the buyer's request, information will be sent by the manufacturer in which the proposed machines are sent along with its technical points (Offer). This information allows you to match the technical points of the machine with the technical points you want and if you need to change it.

If the information sent by the machine manufacturer doesnt include any price, you can also ask the company for a price. The list of technical information of the machine that is sent with the manufacturer is called quotation.

چگونه دستگاه پرس هیدرولیکی خریداری کنیم؟

Why should you be careful in choosing a hydraulic press machine?

Choosing the right type of press machine is an investment for producing more and better and ultimately earning more money. It is possible to fail this investment by making your choice unwisely or to make a return on the investment by making an informed and prudent decisions. According to the FactorNeed support team, by studying, adapting and comparing industrial machines, do a thorough review to make a safe purchase. Here are some tips to help you get started:

important tips for choosing the right hydraulic press:

  1. Determine the most accurate amount of pressure you need:

  2. as it is clear some metals can be deformed by applying low pressure. Therefore, there is no need for heavy press machines, but on the other hand, if you intend to form a piece with a hard material, you should use a hydraulic press machine.

  3. Determining the type of parts:

  4. As mentioned, the material of the manufactured parts is very important in choosing the product. The material and dimensions of the part will determine the amount of pressure required. notice that the variety of hydraulic presses has led to their use in various industries. This does not mean that the machine used in the plastics and rubber industries can be effective in the field of metalworking industry.

    It is clear that some flutes do not require much pressure, and if much more powerful machine are used, the work will be done, but over time, the consumption of the machine, the cost of repairs and parts will not be cost-effective.

  5. Location where the machine is placed:

  6. The location of the machine is important in its efficiency. The necessity of having intermediate warehouses, the distance of the machine to other production machines, the presence of shock absorbers in the bed of the machine, the safety of the machine and paying attention to the amount of dust and environmental pollution can cause better efficiency and increase the life of the machine.

    3-مکان و موقعیت قرار گیری دستگاه:

  7. Temperature and pressure:

  8. You may need temperature and pressure to perform certain machinations, for example in the manufacture of some products the need for heat is felt along with the use of punches and molds. Injection extrusion machines and laminating presses are among these.

  9. Selection of the type of hydraulic machine:

  10. Before purchasing a hydraulic press machine, we should make sure what type of machine we want to buy. Sometimes enough space is needed to access the mold and the products manufactured, or automatic feeding of the sheets from one side of the mold to the other. Thus, various press machines have been made which each of them has special facilities and advantages according to its appearance characteristics and production capacity. for example:

    • Open-Gap presses provide easy access.
    • 4-column presses achieve uniform pressure distribution.
    • C-frame presses provide ease of use of automatic loading system for Progressive molds.

  11. Accessories:

  12. Many manufacturers of hydraulic presses also offer a range of equipment and accessories. Such as: course length limit switches, reverse hydraulic pressure reducing switches, automatic cycles, touch screen, peripheral electronic systems, etc.

  13. machine speed:

  14. In general, it can be said that today there is no hydraulic press that has the speed of a mechanical press. If the production rate is high, mechanical presses should be used.

  15. Automatic feeding equipment:

  16. For better efficiency of hydraulic presses, it is better to use automatic feeders as much as possible, because the production rate and accuracy will increase. If it is not possible to use automatic feeders, you can use the machine operators to feed it.

    8-تجهیزات تغذیه کننده ی اتوماتیک:

  17. Auxiliary equipment:

  18. Maintenance is an integral part of a machine. Therefore, the need to replace old parts and accessories will be felt. It is better to buy the machine from famous and available brands so that you can request accessories when it is necessary.

  19. Adaptability of the machine:

  20. When buying the machine, we have two options. First, you can buy a machine that meets your needs of the current production and can probably support a little variety in the product. Second, you can choose a machine that can help produce a wide range of parts in the future. The technical group of FactorNeed.com suggests that for greater versatility, a machine with 20% more power than the current production requirement should be purchased.

28 important points to consider when purchasing a hydraulic press machine:

  1. machine frame and how to access the mold

  2. How to load parts and their direction

  3. Production type is single-stage or multi-stage (transferring or progressive)

  4. Capacity and power of the main cylinder in terms of Ton tonnage

  5. Maximum and minimum production pressure in terms of Mpa

  6. The maximum size of the press opening between the molds in millimeters or Stroke length

  7. Maximum and minimum speed in slide pressing mode (slip course) Slide pressing speed

  8. Maximum and minimum speed in return mode (machine return course) Slide returning speed

  9. One-stage or two-stage hydraulic cylinder of the machine.

  10. Dimensions of the press opening in millimeters.

  11. Overall dimensions of the machine in millimeters (over all dimension)

  12. machine weight in KG

  13. Maximum size of the machine opening without mold in millimeters (daylight length)

  14. Consider the flexibility of the machine in the face of new decisions to manufacture other products.

  15. Always keep a close eye on new technologies and options.

  16. Check the health and accuracy of the machine.

  17. Comparison of two or more machines in terms of performance and other features and capabilities

  18. Cost-effectiveness of the machine, taking into account its production needs

  19. Check the production rate of the machine, repeatability and accuracy in performing the process

  20. Check the production rate of the machine, repeatability and accuracy in performing the process

  21. The amount of energy consumption of the machine should be considered in relation to the output tonnage and efficiency of the machine.

  22. Specify the type of feeding mechanism of the machine.

  23. Various mini PLCs are used in automatic hydraulic press machines. If a specific brand is considered, you can share it with the manufacturer.

  24. Note that ease of use of the machine for operators can increase the production rate and accuracy.

  25. If you wish, send the technical information and brand of high-consumption parts, wires and cables, hydraulic pipes, workers, bearings, keyboards, etc. to the manufacturer.

  26. Ask the manufacturer for the electrical circuit diagram of the machine, the list of parts, the connection of the cables, the maintenance manual, the predicted errors, etc.

  27. Necessary agreements regarding after-sales services such as transportation, installation and training, replacement and repair warranty, etc. should be written down and approved by the parties.

  28. To ensure the efficiency of the machine, buy a press machine with 20% more power.

  29. The location of the press should be examined in terms of temperature, humidity, dust and other environmental pollutants.

Hydraulic press machines

A press machine is designed and manufactured in various molds in terms of functionality. One of the most widely used is the hydraulic press machine, which has a variety of them, each designed for a specific purpose. The most important of these are:

The main hydraulic press machines used in the industry are 5 ton, 10 ton, 50 ton hydraulic press machines to 100 ton, 200 ton and 250 ton hydraulic presses. However, hydraulic press machines are produced from 5 tons to 5000 tons and more. It is very important to consider the technical points when buying a hydraulic press machine, which we will discuss in the following.

In the hydraulic press machine, the Pascal principle is used for power generation and transmission. In this type of presses, hydraulic fluid is used to generate and transmit force, which causes the hydraulic press to create a wide range of different forces.

مزایا و معایب دستگاه های پرس هیدرولیکی

applications of hydraulic press machines

This type of press machine can be used in different places and environments and for various operations, including a range of metalworking industries, which create pressure to compress to manufacture industrial parts.

The most common uses of hydraulic press machines are:

  1. In terms of product production:

  2. One of the applications of hydraulic press machines is the production of parts for the transportation industry. From snow plow blades to car clutches and wheels and deep traction, all types of sheet metal are all produced using these machines. This type of press is also used to shape and assemble other parts, which includes a variety of electrical equipment (not just car parts).

  3. In terms of compression of parts and products:

  4. From the compression of cosmetics to the compression of metals and industrial machines, everything is done by hydraulic pressing machines.

    از نظر فشرده سازی قطعات و محصولات

  5. Crushing and compression of second hand machines:

  6. Due to the operating system of hydraulic machines, a large force (tonnage) can be produced in a wide range. For example, there are examples of gate hydraulic press machines that are able to compress cars and motorcycles and prepare them for the melting and recycling process.

  7. Forging processes:

  8. These presses are used in forging processes. These machines can deliver slow, measured beats. For example, they can be used to shape molten metal ingots and outlets from furnaces or to create different designs on metals.

    As mentioned earlier, these types of presses are used in a wide range of industries. The military industry, the home appliance industry, the electronics industry, the ceramic tile industry, the automotive and transportation industries, the oil and gas industry, and the medical and agricultural equipment manufacturing industry are some of the uses of hydraulic press machines.

فرآیند های آهنگری

What makes a hydraulic press machine so useful and versatile?

There are many reasons that, in addition to distinguishing between hydraulic press machines and other press machines, have also made them popular. for example:

  1. The type of design and working system of hydraulic press machines has made them more efficient.

  2. These machines are reliable and can be used as a powerful propulsion in the manufacturing industry.

  3. With other systems (pneumatic and mechanical) it is not possible to create the amount of output and force spread, similar to a hydraulic press. Hydraulic press machines are heavy but versatile equipment that can be designed and operated in either single-stage or multi-stage.

Types of hydraulic presses

  1. Laminating press:
  2. These presses are used to create coating layers for electronic components or multilayer products. These devices mostly work manually or semi-automatically. Laminate presses have two working parts, one for heating and one for cooling.

  3. Stamping presses:
  4. Hydraulic stamping presses are designed for a specific type like laminate samples. These presses are used to deform or cut parts using special molds. These processes are very common in the automotive industry.

  5. Transfer hydraulic presses:
  6. These presses, also known as progressive presses, are designed to perform several processes simultaneously. In this process, the sheets are automatically guided into the mold installed on the press machine and with each return of the machine, several operations are performed simultaneously.

  7. C-frame and H-frame presses (C&H-frame) :
  8. These hydraulic presses are used for forming, bending, straightening, blanking, punching and drawing sheets. Becomes. In addition, they can show themselves well when there is a need for strength and accuracy. Form C presses take up less space than other presses due to their slim shape. These devices can work manually and automatically. H-shaped presses are used for parts that require coining, crimping, bending, punching and trimming. p>

    1-پرس های C فرم (C-frame) :

  9. Vacuum hydraulic presses:
  10. These presses are for sealing materials and products using atmospheric pressure. This method is used to place coatings and protectors on a wide range of materials and products. Credit cards are an example of this.

  11. Forging hydraulic presses:
  12. Hydraulic forging presses are used to shape industrial parts, including auto parts and aircraft. These presses use the form of an open or closed mold, using heat or at room temperature and by applying high pressure to form metal blocks. When forging pressure is applied, the metal reaches the tension yield area but does not crack or break.

    7-پرس های هیدرولیک آهنگری (forging):

  13. Hydraulic breakers:
  14. Hydraulic presses are used to bend sheet metal into various shapes. These bends may be in the form of an angle or a combination of several bending angles created by the matrix switch.

    These machines can be semi-automatic or fully automatic (click for more information on break presses). Hydraulic type These presses have two hydraulic cylinders located on both sides of the frame or upper jaw, which in addition to creating pressure is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the pressure.

In general, hydraulic press machines consist of 3 parts:

  1. Mainframe
  2. Power System
  3. Hydraulic Control System

Advantages of hydraulic presses:

  1. Variety in design and production of their types
  2. Pressure uniformity throughout the course
  3. Ability to adjust the desired pressure in a specified tonnage
  4. If two-stroke cylinders are used, the return cycle will also be powerful.
  5. Excellent adaptability of the device to custom settings
  6. Easy to use for the operator and no need for professional users
  7. These devices are equipped with pressure reducing valves to prevent additional pressure from entering the device and part.
  8. The lifespan of the device is very long.

Disadvantages of hydraulic press machines:

  1. From a hygienic point of view, working with its hydraulic system is dirty and troublesome.
  2. has a high maintenance cost
  3. The hydraulic fluid level should be checked regularly
  4. Hydraulic hoses may rupture due to high pressure.
  5. There is always the possibility of a hydraulic oil leak. Some hydraulic fluids are flammable.
  6. They have relatively high energy consumption
  7. They have a relatively low operating speed.

Safety tips for using hydraulic presses:

  1. Those who do not know about the operation of hydraulic presses do not have the right to start working with these machines without permission.
  2. Hydraulic presses should not be maintained during operation.
  3. When the oil leak or other anomaly (such as abnormal operation, abnormal sounds, vibration, etc.) occurs in the hydraulic press, turn off the machine. The operator does not have the right to visit and troubleshoot, this is done by experts in the maintenance unit.
  4. Do not use in case of overload or exceeding the maximum capacity of the device.
  5. Exceeding the maximum sliding impact is prohibited and the minimum closing height of the mold should not exceed 600 mm.
  6. The base of electrical appliances must be strong and secure.
  7. At the end of each day, set the device to its lowest position.

Amobgroup company :

Different companies have the ability to design and manufacture various types of hydraulic presses. Amobgroup is a well-known company in the field of design and manufacture of hydraulic presses. For more information on hydraulic presses, you can contact technical support.

AP&T Group company :

AP&T Group is one of the most successful companies in the field of production and equipment of hydraulic presses. You can see the video of the hydraulic press machine for the production of automobile parts.