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purchasing a wire bending machine

Purchase of any industrial machine is according to the needs of the production unit and its products. In other words, in order to buy a wire bending machine, it is very important to pay attention to the efficiency of the machine based on the manufactured products, because buying a machine is a kind of investment in the field of production that regarding the accuracy of choosing the situation and production purposes it is called a safe investment and has a faster return on investment.

چگونه دستگاه خم کن سیم یا وایر بندینگ بخریم؟

Useful tips for buying wire bending machines:

Purchase of any industrial bending machine is according to the needs of the production unit and its products. In other words, in order to buy a wire bending machine, it is very important to pay attention to the efficiency of the machine based on the manufactured products, because buying a machine is a kind of investment in the field of production that regarding the accuracy of choosing the situation and production purposes it is called a safe investment and has a faster return on investment.

Therefore, determining the amount of production required, variety, and circulation of parts along with their material, allows the detailed study of wire bending machines. The more basic information there is about production demands and expectations, the more accurate the purchase will be. It is very important to pay attention to technical points while reviewing machines and business tips in buying and transferring machines.

Based on the experiences of the FactorNeed technical group, the first and most important step to purchase wire bending machines is to prepare industrial drawings along with tips and technical information of parts, including material, dimensions, accuracy, and tolerances, etc. After searching the manufacturers of wire bending machines, you can send a purchase request along with the drawings prepared for the relevant company. After reviewing the request and the submitted drawings, the manufacturer will introduce the best machine that can meet your needs.

Technical information of the parts considered in wire bending machines can include wire material, diameter change range, wire length, bending radius, bending angles, neutral wire length and position, and geometric tolerances in different parts of the bent wire. The submitted technical information must be free from any doubt. Also, state your expectations of the production and the machine in question without any reduction and completely transparent.

It is better to send the configuration of the wire bending machine to the manufacturer, which includes wire bending machine to be multi-axis, one-headed, or two-headed.

It should be noted that if financial resources are limited or working conditions are such that second-hand machines can also meet production expectations, second-hand options can also be considered. Click here for more information on how to buy second-hand wire bending machines.

نکات مفید برای خرید دستگاه های خم کن مفتول

15 important points that can be helpful when buying a wire bending machine:

  1. Consider the production capacity of the machine. Production capacity can be the highest or lowest production of parts in each shift.
  2. Consider the diameter range of the wires that can bend.
  3. The number of moving axes of the wire bending machine depends on the shape of the production parts considered by the buyer.
  4. The power and speed of motors and rotors of feeders, wire handlers, and wire benders can be changed according to the manufacturer's recommendation.
  5. Consider the energy consumption, approximate weight of the machine, and its dimensions.
  6. Determine your desire to use the cutting and chamfering system of the cut edge at the end of the bending part of the machine or before the wire enters the machine bay. If you need to cut before the bending process, you can discuss this with the manufacturer and explain the cutting speed and rate. In addition to installing the cutting system after bending, you can also consider the chamfering system.
  7. Confirm or specify the system (PLC) of the machine according to the manufacturer's recommendations, efficiency, warranty, easy programming, etc. You can also ask the wire bending machine manufacturer to make the system (PLC) movable or fixed. Also, the ability to receive information directly from CAD design software is very important in speed, accuracy, and ease of production.
  8. Specify the number of work shifts and working hours per shift.
  9. Most wire bending machines are dedicated to the production of different types of springs, which can be selected according to the dimensions and specifications of the desired spring.
  10. Ask the manufacturer of wire bending machines to enable the change, adjustment, and repair of parts, tools used in the manufacture of wire bending machines.
  11. The permissible sound output of a wire bending machine can be set between 40 and 75 dB (DB).
  12. Check the forecast of the local environmental conditions where the machine should be installed. The number of temperature changes, the amount of humidity, the amount of dust, and environmental pollution are very effective in the efficiency of the machine.
  13. It is better to send the technical information and brand of high-consumption parts, wires, workers, rolls, brand, and model of motors, bearings, keyboards, etc. to the company that manufactures the wire bending machine.
  14. Ask the manufacturer of the machine for the electrical circuit diagram of the machine, the list of parts, the connection of the cables, the maintenance manual of the machine and its predicted errors.
  15. Enter the necessary agreements regarding after-sales services such as transportation, installation, training, replacement and repair warranty, etc. by the manufacturer in writing and have them signed by both parties.

wire bending machines

Since wire, bar and rebar forming and bending machines are currently used to a large extent in various industries including civil and construction industries, a wide variety of such machines with different structures are manufactured. In this article, we try to provide a brief look at their structures and in another article, we will examine them more professionally. In this section, our focus will be on their automation.

wire bending machines

Wire/bar bending machines are divided into four categories in terms of their automation structure:

  1. Manual wire bending machines
  2. Semi-automatic wire bending machines
  3. CNC wire bending machines
  4. Custom or special wire bending machines

  1. Manual (Simple) Wire Bending Machines
  2. These machines are made up of the following main parts: the body, the rotary plate, the counter holder rail, the forked bending plate, the control rods, and the foot pedal. These machines are more capable of bending wires with diameters of 30-40, 40-50 and 50-60. All loading and unloading operations of rebars and wires are performed by an operator and all settings on the device are done manually by the operator. These machines do not have a wire cutting or straightening system. Therefore, the wires must be cut to the desired length and straightened in advance.
    Because these machines are sometimes used in open environments and are therefore exposed to rain and dust, their structure is designed and built in such a way that environmental factors such as heat and cold cannot affect their performance. The controllers of the devices, such as keys and buttons, are also placed where rain or dust cannot easily penetrate into them. It is worth mentioning that these types of machines are offered with different options so that the purchaser can buy certain machines based on the types of activities or predictions they have, or totally ignore all about them. These options include cutting tools, spiral tools, touch screens, bending degree controllers, motorized adjustment, optional sets of tools, and multi-rebar molds. Their low price compared to that of CNC wire bending machines is one of their advantages.

    Manual (Simple) Wire Bending Machines

  3. Semi-Automatic Wire Bending Machines
  4. Semi-automatic wire bending machines have more complicated systems than the simple wire bending machines. Such devices are used for bending or forming steel wires, pewter wires, iron wires or even aluminum bars in various industries, such as lighting industries, home appliance industries, and making shopping carts and wrought iron handicrafts, etc. They can automatically form or bend bars and pewter wires in only two dimensions (X and Y). These types of machines cannot produce 3-D bends automatically.

    Semi-Automatic Wire Bending Machines

  5. Three-dimensional (3-D) CNC Wire Bending Machines
  6. Unlike semi-automatic wire bending machines, which have a relatively simple mechanism, CNC wire bending machines have completely different and complex mechanisms and structures. High speed and accuracy in bending steel, copper, aluminum, alloy and brass bars and wires, and the multiplicity in reproducibility are among the prominent features of these machines. The most important feature that should be mentioned is the ability of these devices to bend wires in three dimensions. That is why they are known as three-dimensional wire bending machines in the market. The possibility of moving the cutter head of these machines in three axes enables you to produce three-dimensional parts easily and with high accuracy.
    In CNC wire bending machines, the wire passes through the straightening rollers of the machine and is directed to the feeder rollers and enters the forming station. In addition to straightening the coiled wire, this will feed the machine and increase the production speed. After taking forms, the wires are cut by special cutting tools installed in the machine. These types of machines are quite suitable for mass production and their ability to produce different forms is only one of their advantages. If you buy extra options such as a coil opener, a bar feeder, or a robot, you do not need a full-time operator and you can do continuous production through planning by PLC.

    Three-dimensional (3-D) CNC Wire Bending Machines

  7. Custom-made Wire/Bar Bending Machines
  8. These types of machines are manufactures on the basis of the technical request of the customer and are mostly used for mass production in which the products are relatively uniform. In other words, it must be acknowledged that custom-made (special) wire bending machines are not just one machine, but are made by combining several machines together, and it is appropriate to call them a production line.
    These machines are made to produce special products. The feeding is uniform and fully mechanized until the product is released at the other end of the machine. Their output is actually the final product, which often does not require additional processing.

    Since such devices are designed and manufactured for a specific purpose and based on the purchaser’s order, they are not adaptable to other production lines.

    Custom-made Wire/Bar Bending Machines

BLM and Numalliance are two of the largest and most famous manufacturers of special wire bending machines that can meet the needs of their purchasers. For more information on different types of such machines, purchasers of wire bending machines can also contact the support team at FactorNeed.com.

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