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Useful tips to buy Punching machines

Punching process

Punching is considered as a cold cutting process on sheets and plates using two tools called “punch and die” Punch tool is forced toward die and sheet or plate would be placed in the middle of them. So, when punch tool moves through die, cutting process is done.

Two types of Punching

On the whole, there are two different punching Process, the conventional flat-bed punching and the rotary punching. Flat-bed punching The punching tools usually have an upper and a lower tool. The tools are mounted parallel in linear guides and adjusted precisely, so that the punches enter the dies correctly. The material is placed between the vertically moving tools. When the punches enter the dies, the whole punching pressure acts on the material at once. Rotary punching, The rotary punching unit is mounted either directly in high precision bearings or adjustable on two cylinders. The material goes between the two rotating tools. Depending on the application, the entire punching unit can either be integrated into a machine frame or into a separate unit. Now there is a question: which one is better than other? each technique Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. It relates to applications.
For flat-bed punching, the cost is much higher than a rotary punching unit. However, the tool costs for flat-bed punching unit are often lower than for rotary punching. Therefore, flat-bed punching units are more suitable for small production volumes and frequently changing punching contours.

Structure of punching machines

There are two types of structures in punching machines, C frame or C structure and H frame or H Structure. It seems a questions which structure is better. C frame is mostly common but it depends on shape of sheets or plates are to be punched by punching machine.

Other affairs should be considered in punching machines

Numbers of tools holder, System of sheet movement, Control System, Load angular error and Radial error

Types of CNC punching machines

There are two type of punching machines, with turret and with matrix and die. The punching machines equipped with turret have double drums. The second ones have tools that are installed in the upper turret and equipped with guide line. These kinds of punching machines have “magazine” saying tool stores containing various punching tools.

The problems may occur in punching process

Tolerance of cut of the matrix
Problems of increase of patchwork
Problems of extraction
Problems of accession of material in the awl
Problems of tonnage

Time of Changing Tools for punching machines

Punching Machines should be designed in a way to minimize time of changing. So, one of main parameters showing perfect design in punching machines is time of setup. Some punching machines are equipped with system of quick-change is the best to save the time.

Accuracy in punching process

One of main parameters distinguishes professional punching machines from conventional Punching machines is accuracy and constancy. For professional Punching machines, tolerance 0.01mm is considered the best but customers may not need to have this high accuracy in their production line.

Types of feed systems for punching machinesv

Roller feed, Flexible Feeding System, Pneumatic feeder, Mechanical feeder, NC Servo Feeder.

First step in buying a punching machine

First step is to prepare and send your written request along with drawings and work plans to the manufacturer of the punching machine. The drawing should have technical information including dimensions of the plates or sheets, thicknesses, material of sheet or plate and. It would be much better you inform manufacture Critical tolerances, geometry and Production capacity