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Price of sheet punching machine

Effective factors in the price of CNC punching machine

  1. The number of tools that Cnc punching machines support varies. Some devices can support more tools that are selected automatically, which varies depending on the number of tools to be more or less. The hydraulic pressure of the machine indicates the power of the machine so it can affect the price of the machine.

  2. Each type of Cnc punching machine has the ability to punch sheets with a specific thickness, which should be selected according to the orders of the desired machine.

  3. The number of axes of the punching machine determines the ability of the machine, and the more of these axes, the more maneuverability of the machine, and as a result, we will have a more expensive machine.

  4. Brand and model of the machine
  5. There are different brands in the market, each of them offers different fashions of punching machines with different components. LVD, Muratec, Trumpf , Amada, Euromac, Boschert, Finn Power, etc. are followers in the industry of manufacturing and equipping punching machines.

    The components that change in different models are: intelligent control system, hydraulic system, CAD / CAM programming system, and tools. For information about the components of the machine, ask the seller to provide you with a list of small components along with their prices. In this case, you can change the details of the components according to your wishes and, of course, the capabilities of the manufacturer.

  6. Technical specifications of the machine
  7. This parameter depends on your productivity and type of activity. In this context, different machines can be compared with each other. One of the things to consider is the range of motion of the machine. All CNC punch presses have the ability to move the sheets and change their angles. Therefore, the dimensions of the machine table should be considered, which are generally designed and manufactured in two ways:

    • 2500 X 1250 mm without moving the turret
    • 1250 X 1250 mm without changing the turret

    Some manufacturers and owners of manufacturing industries think that the sheet loses its accuracy when moving. But it should be noted that the working accuracy of the machine and the sheet depends on the performance of the machine, the performance of the CAD / CAM system, and the punching accuracy.

  8. Punching force
  9. Another option that is effective in determining the characteristics and price of the machine is the tonnage of the punching machine. The usual tonnage range of punch presses is 20-25-30 and 50 tons. machines more than 30 tons and less than 20 tons are considered as special punches. It is recommended to consult with FactorNeed technical experts to choose a punching machine. Because sometimes the slightest mistake will lead to the greatest damage.

    Theoretically, punching machines can punch steel sheets up to 6 mm thick, but in reality, this value varies between 0.8 to 3 mm. The greater the number of workstations and indoor stations Station and Auto Index Station, the greater the capability and flexibility of the machine. Conventional CNC punches have between 24 and 28 workstations.

  10. Punching machine tools
  11. The tools of punching machines have a lot of variety, and this variety is due to the lack of restrictions on the design and shape of these machines. The tools can be produced by the punching machine companies themselves, which have their own style.

    Some of the tools produced are in the following styles:

    1. Thick Turret Style
    2. Thin Turret Style - now no more in market
    3. Muratec Style
    4. Trumpf Style
    5. Multi Tool

    Each style of the tool has its own advantages. To find out their prices, it is necessary to contact the manufacturing companies and receive the desired price by providing the specifications of the machine and the manufactured products.

  12. Manpower
  13. Before buying a machine, be aware of the ability of the operator to guide it. The best operator is someone who has worked with the exact same model of a machine before. The operator should be someone aware of possible bugs and errors. The programmer of the machine must be proficient in the aspects of preparation, design, and construction. Sometimes manpower training is cheaper.

  14. CAD / CAM system
  15. CAD / CAM is like Windows and Linux, where each machine can use its own instance. More than 20 different brands are active in the field of CAD / CAM manufacturing, each of them has its pros and cons.

  16. accessories
  17. Before completing the purchase of the machine, make sure that all of its accessories and equipment are included in the purchase process. Otherwise, separate costs and time will be spent on their preparation. Some accessories include a chiller, compressor, dryer, anti-vibration device (if necessary), CAD / CAM system, tools (punch - DIE - Strippers) and tool holders, collets, etc.

  18. Resale capability:
  19. Some buyers of punching machines try to sell it within two years for various reasons. In this case, they expect the least loss and price drop. It should be noted that machines that are not designed for specific components and are so-called universal have a lower price drop, and of course, they sell faster.

  20. Inspection of machines:
  21. Inspect at least 4-5 machines before purchasing and compare their specifications, even if it costs money.

Factors to consider when buying a punching machine:

  1. machine model and its configuration
  2. The tonnage range provided by the machine
  3. Ability to adjust the speed and power of the machine for different thicknesses and types of sheets
  4. Adjust the course or the amount of progress on the sheets (in addition to cutting, also do the shaping process)
  5. The body is integrated or welded steel and the connection points are free from stress and strain.
  6. Clamp protection system that automatically improves the position of the frame and prevents damage to it during operation.
  7. Automatic lubrication system
  8. If the machine table is equipped with a roller bearing and a brush, the machine works in a quieter, less vibrating, and faster mode.
  9. Stable quality during production
  10. The turret or tool depot has the ability to change automatically.
  11. Information on the brand and condition of electrical components and other moving parts.
  12. If you need feeder, be able to fix the workpiece in the shortest possible time.
  13. Check the movement axes of the machine table.
  14. The type of PLC system and brand, quality and ease of use should be examined.
  15. Ability to connect to a computer and store information
  16. Pay attention to the largest and smallest diameters and dimensions it can create
  17. Number of workstations
  18. Workpiece and mold rotation speed
  19. The accuracy of the machine per inch or millimeter
  20. Number of courses per minute
  21. Maximum and minimum sheet thickness
  22. The speed of the machine

Punching machine

The first use of punching metal sheets dates back to 1847. When the builders of road bridges needed metal sheets containing special holes on it. Over time, punching machines gained a special place in the manufacturing industry. Using modern sheet metal punching technology, manufacturers can create holes and shapes as quickly as possible to meet market demand for specific products. Creating holes, holes or protrusions in various materials such as metal, paper or wood sheets can be described as the general function of punching, so they can also be mentioned as one of the types of forming machines . But on the other hand, due to the execution of the cutting process by cutting molds and tools, it can also be considered as a cutting machine.

Sheet punching by a cnc punching machine is a metal-forming process in which, using a punch press, a force called a punch is applied to penetrate into a piece of metal and make a hole in it by cutting the piece. In industries, punching machines are mostly used for cutting galvanized sheets (white), oiled (cold rolled), black (hot rolled), aluminum or steel sheets. These machines are also able to pierce sheets of various thicknesses.

The holes created on the punched sheet may be circular or rectangular, but sometimes holes with more complex shapes are needed to make these shapes by calculating the position accurately, several times from under the machine. Pass data or use multiple punches. Depending on the type and material of the piece being punched, these scrap pieces may be recycled and reused or discarded.

The holes which are created on the punched sheet may be circular or rectangular. Depending on the type of the punched piece, these scrap pieces may be recycled and reused or thrown away.

دستگاه برش پانچ

Performance of the cnc punching machines

Punching by cnc punching machine is a manufacturing process that is done by punching press on the sheet. To cut, first we design the drawings, using Autocad or Cam design software and then it will be given to the machine. In order to perform punching operations on metal materials, supports or arms of the machine, move the metal sheet precisely in the X and Y directions.

An excessive pressure is applied to the sheet metal by the punching machine, which pierces the sheet and separates the extra piece of metal from the sheet metal so that the sheet metal is transformed into the desired shape in the Cnc program. It can also be noted that the cutting operation is performed under the full supervision of the operator. In some cases, the efficiency of the laser cutting machine is similar to the punching machine, so this operation can be done in another way by the laser metal cutting machine. The punching machine is able to easily punch shapes such as circles, squares, rhombuses, etc. The sheet metal punching machine has the ability to create shapes with more complexity than geometric shapes.

Advantages of cnc punching machine

  1. increased productivity

  2. When a cutting plan is selected, that plan can be executed an unlimited number of times . This reproducibility of Cnc cutting machine and elimination of manual processes increases productivity.

  3. Speed and accuracy

  4. This kind of automation and reproducibility has made us have a high speed in performing operations using this method, no matter how complex the execution plan is. Also, the cutting accuracy with these machines is so high, and in fact, the main performance of Cnc machines is in maximum accuracy and the ability to cut a variety of complex designs.

  5. Efficiency

  6. Cnc punching machines, along with high precision and cutting speed, reduce the amount of waste. By installing an internal quality detector on many machines, if a deficiency is detected, the device stops to prevent further energy wastage.

  7. Safe and cost-effective

  8. Because waste is kept to a minimum, it saves money in the long run because no raw materials are thrown away. Also, because the whole process is done automatically, the operator is kept safe by creating a safe environment.

مزایای دستگاه برش پانچ cnc

Application of punching machine

Thanks to the evolution of the punching machine, it has the ability to cut all kinds of metals such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, special alloys, and all kinds of non-metals such as plastics, paper, and leather. Therefore, different shapes can be created on sheets of different materials. The punching machine is also used to pierce, shape, and trim the edges of the workpiece.

This degree of versatility has led to the use of punching in a wide range of different industries such as aerospace, electronics, automotive, textiles, and many more.

Each product is evaluated under conditions and standards specific to the same industry. Achieving and creating this standard requires its own conditions and equipment. Therefore, in order to obtain the standard and accuracy in punching, the following points should be considered:

  1. Size and structure of punching press
  2. Available tonnage of the punching machine
  3. Quality of molds and punches
  4. Free from any contamination and metal chips
  5. Not being worn out of molds and moving parts
  6. Thickness and material of the workpiece

Types of punching machines

  1. Flywheel Drive:

  2. Today, most punching presses are operated via a hydraulic system. But older cars have Ram, which is mechanically driven by a heavy-duty anchor wheel that is constantly rotating.

  3. Mechanical Punch Press:

  4. As mentioned in the power press section, mechanical press machines use two types of clutches. The machines that use these two types are not much different in terms of performance but in cases of necessity. And when there is a need to stop the press, the differences become apparent, because, in the spinning clutch-type, the machine stops after a full turn of the anchor wheel, which poses risks to the operator and also increases production time. But in the case of semi-rotating clutches, whenever there is a need to stop, the brakes are applied and the machine stops moving.

  5. Hydraulic Punch Press:

  6. In hydraulic punch presses, the required pressure is supplied by hydraulic cylinders. In these machines, hydraulic pressure is controlled in two ways. Using Valve Control and Feedback Control.

    In systems that use the control valve, the machine is pulled up and down each time the command is issued by the ram control valve. However, in systems that are operated as control feedback, the machine ram is controlled in accordance with the instructions at specific points. This advantage gives more control over the blows of the ram and increases the punching speed because there is no need to move the ram of the machine up and down completely and it can work in a short period of time.

  7. Servo Drive Turret Punch Press:

  8. These machines use two AC server drives that are connected directly to the shaft. The movement system of these machines is very simple and they combine clutch and brake technology with the speed of a hydraulic system that is connected to the ram. This advantage results in high performance, reliability, and low operating costs. These systems do not have any complex hydraulic system or oil cooling system, thus greatly reducing maintenance costs. Servo punching machines are also equipped with energy control and storage technology and use them when reducing the speed of the machine ram. This advantage will save energy.

Servo Drive Turret Punch Press

Effective factors in the price of CNC punching machine

  1. The price of cnc punching machines follows several factors, it is important to pay attention to them when buying a machine.
  2. Each type of Cnc punching machine has the ability to punch sheets with a specific thickness, which should be selected according to the orders of the desired machine.
  3. The number of axes of the punching machine determines the ability of the machine, and the more of these axes, the more maneuverability of the machine, and as a result, we will have a more expensive machine.
  4. The number of tools that Cnc punching machines support varies. Some devices can support more tools that are selected automatically, which varies depending on the number of tools to be more or less. The hydraulic pressure of the machine indicates the power of the machine so it can affect the price of the machine.

Trumpf company:.

Trumpf is one of the leading companies in the field of production and presentation of new technologies to serve industry owners in the metalworking sector. The products of this company have been exported to many companies in the world and this has led to general satisfaction of the customers. In the video below, you can see the CNC punch cutting machine model 3000 of this company.