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Saw cutting machines

One of the most widely used and cost-effective cutting machines is the saw cutting machine. a saw is a toothed tool used to cut solid material into different shapes and sizes. Saw cutting equipment is typically made of rigid metals. Cutting tools in sawing machines are usually a thin-toothed metal disc, a thin metal blade, or a thin grinding wheel.

انواع دستگاه برش اره

Different types of sawing machines:

  1. Band Sawing Machine
  2. A band saw is usually used in metal, wood, food, etc. industries. band saws are sharp, long-blade power saws consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels used to cut a variety of materials. The advantages of the band saws include the integrated cutting motion due to the uniformly distributed load and the ability to cut irregularly and cut into different shapes. The cutting blade may be placed horizontally or vertically in the machine, so according to the placement, the blades of the band sawing machines are divided into two categories, horizontal and vertical. In a band saw, the work piece is held in place by a clamp during cutting.

    دستگاه برش نواری (Band sawing machine)

    Vertical band saws are commonly used for cutting, grooving and forming, while horizontal band saws are almost exclusively used as an alternative for hack saws and only for cutting. Band saws usually come in a variety of accessories. More sophisticated sawing machines that perform more complicated tasks are usually equipped with a cooling system that increases the life of the cutting blade when a lot of heat is generated during cutting. Also, sometimes an air pump is installed near the cutting path to remove the chips from the desired location for better visibility.

  3. Circular Sawing Machine
  4. Circular saw is a power saw that cuts various materials with a toothed disc. The circular sawing machine was invented in the late 18th century. In the mid-19th century, with the growth of agriculture in the United States, this type of machine was widely used in the lumber industries. circular sawing machines are used to cut a variety of materials such as wood, stone, plastic and metal.

    دستگاه برش دیسکی (Circular sawing machine)

  5. Hack Sawing Machine
  6. A hack saw is a saw with sharp teeth that is mainly used for cutting metal. Most hack saws are stationary machines, but there are also portable types for special needs. The standard length of a saw blade is about 250 to 300 mm.

    دستگاه برش لنگ (Hack sawing machine)

Drive types in sawing machines:

Engine and drive types of the device can be a decisive factor in choosing the best device and being aware of engine specifications is the difference between a beginner and professional user. What are the types of drives in sawing machines?

To answer this question, we must first know that there are two types of engine configurations.

  1. Direct drive:
  2. This type of drive is often found in portable types of saws. They usually have a universal motor that drives the blade directly and produces a lot of energy and power. Direct drive motors are usually cheaper and much less powerful than belt drive motors, but they are easier to maintain and operate because there is no belt that needs to be replaced as it wears out. This type of motor is configured in such a way that the blade is driven directly by the motor, which means that the motor transfers all the generated power to the cutting blade. The size of these motors is smaller and lighter than belt types, but they make a lot of noise, which causes vibration and less precise cuts.

  3. Belt drive:
  4. These motors are powerful types that are mostly used in stationary saw machines. In these drives, an induction motor and a belt transfer power to the blade. The configurations of this type of motor have got a pulley and a v-belt system that the belt is responsible for transferring power to the blade.

    These engines are significantly larger and quieter than direct drive engines. Vibration is absorbed through the belt, which allows us to make more precise cuts. The motor is generally mounted at a distance from the blade to minimize the absorption of dust into the motor, which is a good thing for this type of motor, especially when we know that direct drive motors may burn due to this and it leads to extra cost for user. Naturally, this type of engine is the first choice for heavier jobs and more professional people.

Horsepower of the motor:

Horsepower of the engine helps us when cutting large pieces of metal. A large induction motor with a power in the range of 3 to 5 hp is required to cut large parts. Voltage and amps are other parameters related to the motor. For example, a saw with 1 to 2 horsepower operates with a voltage of 120 v. A 1hp saw consumes 15 amps, while a 2hp saw consumes between 18 and 24 amps. Direct-drive motors operate at 120V single-phase voltage, producing up to 2 horsepower, which is more than needed for professionals who work on the project site or those who use the device for entertainment.

Belt drive motors run on single or three phase circuits. These motors are capable of producing between 3 and 5 horsepower (3.73 to 5.22 kW) in single-phase mode and 5 to 7.5 horsepower (3.73 to 5.22 kW) in three-phase mode. These motors operate in three-phase mode with a 240 v power supply.

Kasto Company:

Kasto designs and manufactures sawing machines, intelligent CNC systems, peripherals and spare parts. The company also manufactures refrigeration equipment. The following video shows one of the saw cutting machines made by this company: