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Price of induction brazing machine

In induction brazing machines, by creating a high frequency magnetic field inside the welding ring, the heat generated causes the desired area to melt and eventually weld. In the following, we will examine the prices of induction break devices in the global market. You can contact us for importing these machines to iran.

machine No.1 :

  1. power: 50 KW
  2. soft cable length: 5 meters
  3. With a water chiller
  4. Brazing machine weight: 125 kg - Cooling machine weight: 200 kg
  5. Price (in China): $ 11,700

Below you can also see the photos related to the induction brazing machine and the cooling machine.

دستگاه جوش القایی

دستگاه جوش القایی

machine No.2 :

  1. Max input current: 60A
  2. power: 40 KW
  3. Brazing machine weight: 100 kg
  4. Price (in China): $ 2,900

machine No.3 :

  1. power: 30 KW
  2. soft cable length: 5 meters
  3. With a water chiller
  4. Brazing machine weight: 61 kg - Cooling machine weight: 140 kg
  5. Price (in China): $ 9,000

The induction coil of this machine is semi circular as shown in the figure below, which makes it easier to perform induction welding in the case of long pipes.

دستگاه جوش القایی

Induction brazing machine

Obviously, for welding metals, heat plays the most important role in welding processes such as soldering, brazing, CO2 welding, laser welding, and ultrasonic welding. Without heat, no permanent connection can be made between components. Heat is generated by flame, the friction of two bodies, rays such as laser induction currents. Induction welding machines generate heat through electromagnetic induction. If this electromagnetic current is strong and the piece is in the center of it, after a short time, the piece melts. In fact, the eddy-induced current creates an effusion (penetration of electrons) in the part and the part inside the eddy current becomes hot.

دستگاه جوش القایی

Induction welding machines fall into three general categories, which are:

  1. Portable or light induction welding machines that can work with single-phase half-amp 220 volts and 50 or 60 Hz.

  2. Semi-heavy induction welding machines.

  3. Station induction welding machines.

In terms of automation, these machines can also be divided into three categories: simple induction welding machines, NC or CNC-programmable, and special machines. The same induction welding machines can sometimes be used in the process of heat treatment such as annealing, hardening, and plating by changing their coils. As it was emphasized, sometimes by changing the coils of the induction welding machine, heat treatment of gears, shafts, screw coating, annealing of metal wires and parts would be possible.

Important points in buying an induction welding machine

  1. Power supply:
  2. Obviously, the higher the power of the machine, which is the wattage of the machine, the higher its thermal power and heat speed. Therefore, the size of the part and the type of material is a determining factor. In other words, the greater the thickness of the part or the diameter of the part and the density of the material of the part, the more power the machine must have. If you use a machine that has less power, either the desired result will not be achieved or the processing time will be very long.

    To purchase this type of equipment, it is better to inform the manufacturer about the details of your parts - in terms of size, material, and amount of production capacity in one shift and type of operation (welding or annealing or plating or any heat treatment). The manufacturer will suggest a suitable power source by considering those four parameters.

    Power supply

  3. Intelligence of induction welding machine system:
  4. Today, many reputable manufacturers of induction welding machines make their machines intelligent and believe that this intelligence can not only reduce the welding process time but also greatly reduce the consumption of electrical energy. Also, in some cases, a skilled operator can be eliminated in the production process and only a simple worker can do the production.

    As we know, in the pour welding process, first the part must reach a degree of near melting, and then the filler operation is performed. However, in some welding processes, instead of using rod fillers, they use ring fillers or tape fillers or paste, which do not need to be filtered in these conditions, and the fillers are placed in a suitable place before the cutting process. If we want to increase the speed in the manual filler process, we must first increase the heating time of the part by increasing the wattage of the machine and reduce the heat during the gentle filler time. There are some smart induction machines that can generate different heat at different times - in the same part -. In these machines, not only the working time but also the heating power is adjusted as well.

  5. Accessories of induction welding machine:
  6. Since the types of induction welding machines are different (in terms of type and automation) and each of them has specific accessories, it is better to ask the manufacturer to give you a list of accessories and abrasive parts with their prices before making a purchase. In this case, ask the manufacturer to let you know which parts may wear out sooner than the others. It is recommended to request different coils - in terms of shape and size - from the manufacturer, depending on the parts on which the heat treatment is to be performed. After the coil, items such as a diode, thyristor, capacitor, varistor, resistor, fuse, power control volume are important items.

    Ring Quinch, Flexible Cable, Silver Coated Copper Coil, Large Quartz Plant, Multi-Circuit Induction Coil, Double Circle, Circular Coaxial Water Cooling Pipe, Diamond Blade Welding Unit, Circular Plate Induction Coil, Wire Long plate induction screw, 2-4 meter single direction induction coil, flexible cable, induction coil for carbide gear welding, diamond saw blade welding, graphite mold heating ring.

    تفاوت دستگاه های القایی با کوره های القایی

  7. The difference between induction machines and induction furnaces
  8. The question is under what conditions should we use induction furnaces and under what conditions should we use induction machines. Induction machines can heat a position, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Other disadvantages are that these induction machines can cause shock to the parts and the geometry of the parts changes. Furnaces with a so-called pre-heating section (Preheating section) can prevent sudden shock to the part and the geometry of the parts does not change so much.

    However, in furnaces, it is easier to control the boiling medium through neutral gases such as helium, nitrous, and ammonia. Another difference is in production capacity. For mass production, it is better to use welding furnaces and for limited and small capacities, it is recommended to use induction machines.

A few common questions about induction welding machines

  1. What is the price of induction welding machines?

  2. Since there is a great variety in the power of machines and gutters as well as the country of manufacture of such machines and each of those parameters can have a significant impact on their price, a certain price cannot be announced for them. But the lowest price is about $ 500.

  3. Do all these induction machines work with three-phase electricity?

  4. No. There are machines that can operate at 50 Hz with single-phase electricity - 220 volts. But their heating power is low and they are about 0.5 amps. These types of induction welding machines are used for welding delicate parts. They weigh about 25 kg.

  5. Can induction welding machines also be used for melting?

  6. If you have the accessories of that machine, you can also use it to melt metals.

  7. What is the role of water in induction machines?

  8. Many of the coils used in induction machines are tubular and become very hot when they are placed near the part and water passes through these coiled tubes and cools the coil.

  9. Are we able to mount the diamond on the saw blade and weld it with these induction welding machines?

  10. If you want to professionally weld inserts and diamonds on a saw blade, it is recommended to order a special machine for "disc saw blade welding", but if you want as an amateur in low capacity, put diamonds or inserts on Mount the saw blade and weld. You can do that process with the same machine with a little innovation.

CEIA Company:

CEIA Power Cube family offers a modular and comprehensive set of welding equipment that is ideal for industrial processes and heat treatment, cutting and soldering in a variety of metal parts, in small dimensions but more efficient. In the video below, you can see an example of induction welding process.