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Price of rebar or rod bending machines:

Many parameters are involved in the price of rebar machines. Due to the fact that rebar bending machines have simple equipment and mechanisms and are mostly made universally, their prices are in a range and mostly fixed. But its automatic machines can be offered at different prices depending on the options that can be put on it.

What should we consider when buying rebar bending machines?

The first step is to set goals and expectations for production. Because it determines the type of machine and its efficiency for the buyer. Consider the production run, working environment, diameter and material of the rebar or rods used when purchasing the machine.

پارمتر های تعیین قیمت دستگاه خم کن میلگرد

Price determination parameters of rebar bending machine

Sometimes in choosing an industrial machine, its accessories can be as important as the machine itself. Because the process is done with less quality and time. The same principles apply to rebar bending machines; Contrary to the relatively simple appearance of rebar bending machines, the rebar bending process is problematic if the accessories are not available or not selected correctly.

Tools and accessories for rebar bending machine

Since the rebar bending machine is produced in different types. It also has its own unique equipment and tools. Therefore, peripheral equipment can be considered for each of the rebar benders. As we know, rebar bending machines are divided into 3 main categories, which are: simple, semi-automatic and automatic rebar bending machines.

In the following, we will examine each in terms of peripheral equipment that it can bring with it:

Simple rebar bending machine:

This type of bending machine uses simpler systems than other rebar benders, thus creating simpler bends. The most important component in choosing these machines is the ability to create a bend with the desired radius and the amount of power of the machine. These machines are usually started by a manual control panel and a foot pedal located next to the machine. In this case, all movements and equipment of the machine are regulated by the operator.

دستگاه خم کن میلگرد ساده:

But if the number of bends and contours is different, you can use a variety of simple rebar bending machines that are equipped with mini PLC control system. These machines provide the ability to receive applications to create more varied bends, but are still operated by the operator.

At the top of the machine, where the rebars are bent by the pieces, pieces of different sizes can be used to create different bends. These bites are available in different radii, materials and heights. Also, to reduce the possibility of damage to the operator and other parts of the machine, protective plates that are placed on the bending bites should be used.

لقمه ها

Semi-automatic rebar bending machines:

The semi-automatic rebar bending machine performs rebar cutting or loading and unloading processes. These machines can also perform more than one bending radius during a work process. Auxiliary equipment that comes with semi-automatic rebar bending machines is the mini PLC control system, cutting, loading and unloading system and the possibility of creating two-way bends.

Automatic rebar bending machine:

These types of machine use the mini PLC control system and can be equipped with peripheral systems such as: loading and unloading, cutting system and counting system. Creating two-way bends and varying in size, bending radius and high accuracy are the features of these systems.

It is important to note that CNC numerical control systems are generally not used in rebar bending machines because the capability of the machine is more limited than the capability of the CNC system. Therefore, choosing mini PLC to control and guide these machines is completely responsible. Fortunately, one of the bending options is the variety in the brand of their PLCs. If you buy the machine directly from the manufacturer, you can determine the PLC brand.

دستگاه خم کن میلگرد اتوماتیک:

Some simple rebar bending machines have a side table. Side tables are used when the weight and length of the parts (rebars) are high and the operator is not able to adjust it manually. The side table is exactly the same level as the main table, which makes it easier to bend and feed the machine and prevent errors. Many other systems and peripherals can also be ordered. If the machine manufacturer agrees with the buyer, it is obliged to match and deliver the machine and peripherals in a coordinated and accurate manner.

GMS is one of the companies known for producing various types of rebar bending machines. All kinds of rebar bending machines, cutters and their accessories are produced and supplied by this company.

Effective factors on the price of rebar bending machines:

Rebar bending machines, like other machines feature systems and accessories. As we know, accessories are very effective in performing the bending process. Therefore, the correct choice of machine and its accessories can have a direct impact on the price of machines. But the parameters that can determine the price of a machine are: the brand of the machine manufacturer, the brand and manufacturer of accessories used, the technology used in the manufacture of the machine, the quality of the material and the type of structure and many more.

Buyers of rebar bending machines can receive a list of parts and equipment along with the price from the manufacturer before making any purchase and adjust it to their budget and policies. After receiving the initial information and confirming it, consider business issues to determine the final cost of the machine.

How to buy a rebar bending machine?

Purchasing a bar and rebar bending machine requires attention and observance of technical and commercial points and requirements. To answer the question "how many types of rebar bending machines are there and which ones can meet the production needs?", It is very important to examine the performance of the rebar bending machine according to the needs and production cases.

Ribbed rebar bending machines are divided into the following types:

As mentioned above, ribbed rebar bending machines can be divided into three classes. Simple, semi-automatic and automatic. In simple round rebar bending machines, the machine performs only the bending operation and the operator has to do the loading and unloading himself. The rebars are already cut and the operator performs the bending operation by pressing the pedal.

دستگاه های خم کن میلگرد آجدار 1

But in a semi-automatic rebar bending machine, part of the operations mentioned above, such as longitudinal cutting of the rebars or loading and unloading them, is performed by a machine. These machines can also provide more than one bending radius during a work process. For example, Pedax and schnellgroup are the manufacturers of this type of machine. It is worth mentioning that these types of machines work with industrial electricity and their production speed is faster than simple rebar bending machines.

دستگاه های خم کن میلگرد آجدار 2

Fully automatic rebar bending machines are machines that have a mini PLC and the amount of bending radius and cutting length is already given to the mini PLC and they are also loaded or unloaded by the machine. Such machines can also perform more than one bending radius and bending angle during a work process and are more accurate than simple and semi-automatic machines. These types of machines work with industrial electricity and their production speed is several times faster than semi-automatic and simple machines. For information on how they work, it is recommended watching the video of TJK and schnellgroup companies.

دستگاه های خم کن میلگرد آجدار 3

10 tips to consider when buying rebar bending machines:

  1. Consider workplace environmental conditions, including humidity, temperature changes.
  2. Write the maximum sound output of the rebar bending machine in decibels (DB).
  3. If a feeder is used, specify the movement range of the feeder of the rebar bending machine, speed and production rate.
  4. Most rebar bending machines use an electro-hydraulic or electric system, which you should choose according to the power you need.
  5. To make it easier to work with the machine, specify the height of the machine and its approximate dimensions.
  6. Determine the material of the pins and the moving bending wheel based on the strongest material of the rebar you are using.
  7. It is better to have the technical information and brand of high-consumption parts, wires, hydraulic pipes, pins and bites, brand and model of motor, bearings, keyboards and gears when buying rebar bending CNC machines to Send them for the manufacturer.
  8. Ask the seller or the manufacturer of the machine for the electrical circuit diagram of the machine, the hydraulic circuit, the list of parts, the connection of the cables, the maintenance manual of the machine and its predicted errors.
  9. Consider information such as the speed and power of the motor rotation and the minimum and maximum voltage used by the machine when purchasing.
  10. Consider the necessary agreements regarding after-sales services such as: transportation, installation, training, replacement and repair warranty, etc.

What is a bar bending machine and how does it work?

Bar bending machines are devices that shape or bend bars. These forms or bends can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. These machines are mostly used in automotive, construction, home appliances and furniture industries. These machines can bend and shape the bars semi-automatically or fully automatically, and the bars can be placed either as straight in the feeder load or as coiled in the machine. They are more delicate and precise than rebar bending machines and are structurally produced in three types:

  1. Radius rebar bending machines

  2. In these machines, a three-roll system is used to change the radial shapes and the bending angle does not matter. They are used to produce concrete columns and piles for buildings and bridges. They are relatively simple in structure and their components are an electric motor, a hydraulic oil tank, a gearbox, a workbench, three rollers, a foot pedal and an electrical panel. One of the main differences between these machines and the rebar bending machines is in their ability to move back and forth. Another difference is the adjustment of the radius of curvature by the horizontal rollers. The closer the distance between the rollers is, the greater the bending radius will be.

    Radius rebar bending machines

  3. Bar bending machines

  4. These machines are used to form metal bars according to a certain bending angle and radius. In this type of bending machine, the amount of bending radius depends on the radius of the bending pins of the machine and the bending angle depends on the amount of rotation in the bending rotor. The driving force for this type of machine is either electric or hydraulic. Depending on the diameter of the bars, they can be manufactured to be electric or hydraulic. These types of machines have relatively low accuracy in terms of bending accuracy because the limited number of holes installed on the machine will not allow the operators to bend the bars according to what they want. These types of machines are not fast because the loading, the removal of bent bars, and the adjustments are all done manually.

  5. Rebar shaping and cutting machines

  6. In addition to bending the bars, these machines cut and measure them. The cutting process can be before or after the bending process. These devices are usually automatic and their feeding operation can be done using automatic systems known as feeder loads or the device operator himself performs the loading operation. High speed in production and high accuracy are the other advantages of this type of machine. They have a mini PLC that can be programmed to determine the desired amount of bend, the cutting length or the cutting time. Bars can also be placed in the machine as straight or as coiled. In the machines where the bars are fed as coils, the machines are equipped with a straightening system.

Rebar shaping and cutting machines

Rebar bending machines are designed and manufactured in the following types in terms of functionality:

  • Machines which are designed to bend a rebar or rod.
  • Machines which are designed to bend several rebars or bars simultaneously.
  • Machines that have a holding table and are equipped with rotating rollers for ease of work.

How do rebar bending machines and automatic bar bending machines differ?

  1. It should be noted that rebars can found as either ribbed or smooth (without any ribs on them) but bars are simple and relatively small in diameter. Therefore, rebar bending machines are more powerful and at the same time simpler than bar bending machines.
  2. Rebar bending machines are mostly used in construction industry which need lower accuracy. However, the bar bending machines are used in the automotive and home appliance industries, which require relatively high precision.
  3. In rebar bending machines, straight and pre-cut rebars are fed, but the feeding in bar bending machines is mainly performed on coiled bars, which are smoothed by the straightening system.
  4. Rebar bending machines only perform the bending operation while bar bending machines perform the cutting process in addition to bending the bars in different directions.
  5. Rebar bending machines have several features such as a high strength, the ability to bend several rebars simultaneously, easy portability, easy maintenance and work in harsh environmental conditions, which are other differences with bar bending machines.

Schnellgroup company:

Schnell is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of manufacturing various types of cutting, bending machines and related industries for various types of rebars and ribbed wires. In the video below, you can see one of the products of this company.

OFMER Company:

The film that you will see below is one of the products of OFMER company in the field of rebar bending and this company is one of the reputable European companies in the field of rebar bending machines. It is worth mentioning that this company was established in 1984. The company has grown significantly during these years with the following goal: to provide a variety of high-performance, practical and durable rebar processors, which can be used in any type of project. The company is aware of the need for continuous work for timely delivery of goods to customers. For this purpose, all suppliers, components and parts in the production cycle of machines are carefully selected.

The company is also active in the field of various bending machines, including profile bending and spiral machines. let's watch another video of this company.

TJK Company:

TJK is one of the largest manufacturers of machines related to the process of bending and cutting of various rebars and industrial wires. The machines of this company are automatic and have the ability to produce 3D and 2D products. The following video shows one of the products of this company.