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Pipe bending machine price:

According to what has been said so far, the question arises that what factors are effective in the pricing of pipe bending machines and its changes? The following is a list of parameters that can cover a wide range of pricing.

  1. Diameter of the pipe:
  2. The diameter of the pipes is one of the main parameters in determining and changing prices. Basically, the first condition for designing and building a pipe bending machine is to determine the pipe diameter. The table below shows the price range based on the pipes used.

  3. Number of hours and manufacturing parts:
  4. Perhaps the first parameter to consider when calculating the price of a machine is the number of parts and their price, as well as the number of hours spent building the machine. Other parameters such as pipe shape, pipe size, machine configuration, the existence of secondary operations, the skill of operators, etc. are effective in determining the price of the machine.

  5. Accuracy and speed in performance:
  6. The equipment used in the pipe bending machine expresses its ability and expresses the speed, power and accuracy in performing the bending process.

  7. Intelligent control systems:
  8. Another equipment that causes high price changes in the machine is its PLC system. Numerical PLC control system can be found that has the ability to install and equip different systems. But what kind of intelligent control system is more efficient and reliable can be distinguished from its brand.

  9. Transport and trade affairs:
  10. Many buyers of industrial equipment ignore or easily deal with reasonable shipping and commercial costs. This is the case if the business issues and costs are not properly calculated, the cost of the machine will be much higher than the buyer expectations.

    To get more information on consulting and purchasing industrial equipment please Contact FactorNeed Support.

Buy a pipe bending machine

It should be noted that the issue of where to buy the pipe bending machine and which make to buy is a later priority. At present, the priority is to have sufficient knowledge of the process, to set the goals and expectations for the production, and to pay attention to technical and commercial points.

Technical tips that can help you choose the appropriate pipe bending machine for your production comes in two parts:

Technical tips regarding the product:

The items that should be considered about the product include preparing a technical drawing of the workpiece, determining the material, number and circulation of the production, and the amount of accuracy and tolerance. These items lead to better search and buying a device that fits the workpiece which is going to be produced.

Technical tips regarding the machine in question:

After determining the technical specifications of the product, the process of selecting and purchasing the device is done with a better view. When buying the device, you should pay attention to many aspects, but paying attention to the options, the ability of the device to adapt to the production line, the structure of the device and the dimensions of the device, etc. are of great importance. Technical experts at FactorNeed have been able to gather useful information which is needed to buy a pipe bending machine at the end of this article and have provided them for those who are interested.

When purchasing pipe bending machines, you should pay attention to the outward appearance of the pipes and their production process. The appearance of some pipes may not be completely circular and rather be slightly oval. Also, some pipes do not have a one-piece body and are produced by the welding method. If you do not pay attention to the specifications of the pipes, the pipes may be damaged during production or they will lead to costly damages to the bending machine. If the pipes are oval, you should know that there are pipe bending machines which are specially designed for oval pipes.

The prices will be different depending on the type of machines and their functions. Some machines are designed and manufactured only for a specific purpose according to the request of buyers. For example, copper pipe bending machines, steel pipe bending machines, PVC pipe and five-layer pipe bending machines, etc. with each of these machines manufactured and used only for bending certain pipes. Therefore, the price of steel pipe bending machines is much higher than the price of copper pipe bending machines, because it must use a more powerful generation system as well as more powerful equipment.

Before making any purchase, make a list and compare the suppliers of pipe bending machines. This allows you to manage your expenses in addition to knowing the prices. The website FatorNeed.com can provide buyers with several purchase options to be considered and compared. There are some bending machines that, in addition to bending pipes, can bend various types of rectangular pipes. These machines are known as square and rectangular tube bending machines.

Virtual exhibitions in the industry of pipe bending machines:

One way to get more information about pipe bending machines is to visit virtual exhibitions of pipe bending machine. Virtual exhibitions allow you to do more analysis and make better comparisons between machines. Moreover, you can download photos and videos from the selected pipe bending machines. FactorNeed.com, as one of the largest websites offering virtual exhibitions in the field of metalworking machinery, can help buyers in selecting and purchasing industrial machines.AmobGroup is one of the most reputable manufacturers of pipe bending machines that also has the ability to produce rectangular pipe benders.

Finally, if you want to buy a new, first-hand pipe bending machine, you should, in addition to the mentioned points, consider the following tips to experience a safe and efficient purchase. Our experts at FactorNeed can provide useful information for purchasing pipe bending machines.

However, if you do not want to spend a lot of money or your financial resources are limited and consequently you are considering an affordable purchase, you can also consider buying second hand pipe bending machines. Of course, each of the first-hand or second-hand machines have advantages and disadvantages over the other. For more information, you can refer to the second-hand machines section at FatorNeed.com, or contact our technically-knowledgeable experts in the field of purchasing.

Sixteen tips to consider when buying a pipe bending machine:

  1. Describe the environmental conditions of the workplace, including humidity, temperature changes, dust levels, and proximity to other production equipment.
  2. Consider the maximum sound produced by pipe bending machines in decibels (DB).
  3. Determine the range of motion of the feeder of the pipe bending machine, the speed and the length of movement, and the rate of error during movement.
  4. If you want your pipe bending machine to operate both manually and automatically, inform the manufacturer in advance.
  5. Mention the amount of tolerance in the outward features of the pipes, such as the double angles, the scratches, the wrinkles, etc.
  6. Inform the manufacturer if you do not want to do the finishing process after the bending operation.
  7. Determine the type of feeding for the machines (manual or automatic) and specify the speed.
  8. Express your desire to install a mandrel in the machine. Mandrel is a device that is placed inside the pipes during bending. In addition to increasing the quality and accuracy of the work, they prevent the pipes from splitting. A slight decrease in the rate of production and an increase in the price of the machine are two disadvantages of ordering and using mandrels.
  9. Most bending machines use an electro-hydraulic or electric system which you have to specify according to your needs.
  10. Express your desire to use a heating system in the hydraulic oil tank of the pipe bending machine.
  11. If the pipe bending machine uses an automatic system, specify the brand and the model of its numerical control system. For example, you can use the following brand: LG, Siemens, ABB, Omron, Fanuc.
  12. You should send the technical information and the brand of high-consumption parts, wires, hydraulic pipes, clamps, rails, and the brand and model of engines, bearings, keyboards, etc. to the manufacturer.
  13. Express your desire to use an automatic system for lubricating the bending machine.
  14. It is recommended that you indicate the amount of load that the hydraulic pipes and clamps must withstand.
  15. Ask the manufacturer of the device to provide you with the drawings of electrical circuits and hydraulic circuits, the list of parts, cable connections, the manual for maintenance and the predictable faults.
  16. Make sure you have a written report of necessary agreements regarding after-sales services such as transportation, installation, training, replacement and repair warranty, etc. to be offered by the manufacturer and have them signed by both parties.

Pipe bending machines

Pipe bending process is one of the metalworking operations in which pipes with different materials and dimensions are subjected to the bending process by heating (hot pipe bending machines) or cooling (cold pipe bending machines). Limited bending methods such as "press bending" or "tensile bending" are used to shape the workpiece into a mold. Pipes can be bent automatically or manually using pipe bending machines to create single or multiple bends and shape the piece to one’s interest. This process can be used to create complex shapes for different types of metal and cast iron pipes. In the meantime, free bending processes, such as three- or four-roller machines, form the workpiece cinematically; thus, the bending contour does not depend on the geometry of the tool.

Types of pipe bending machines

In order to buy high quality and efficient bending machines , accuracy in the production process and the type of bend are very important. Adequate knowledge of how to bend pipes and obtaining sufficient information about devices that can perform this process are also of paramount importance. In the first place, determining the goals and level of expectation from the manufactured parts and the pipe bending devices, can reveal the need for the pipe bending device and its type and provide a clearer picture for the buyer. As production volume and accuracy increase, more attention should be paid to setting goals and expectations so that in addition to a safe purchase, a faster return on investment can be expected.

applications of pipe bending machines

In what industries are bending machines used? The answer to this question can provide sufficient information about these machines and how they work. Sometimes such machines are intended to produce special products, while at other times and with a slight modification they can also be used to bend pipes of different materials and dimensions.

Pipe bending machines are mainly used in industries such as the furniture manufacturing industry for the production of seats, automotive industry for the production of car exhausts, vehicle-relevant industries in the production of body frames for bicycle and motorcycles, etc., oil and gas industries for bending fluid transmission pipes, the industry of producing water pipes and five-layer pipes, in medical industries such as making wheelchairs, hospital beds and the bases for holding medical equipment, etc., heating and cooling industries for radiators, etc. as well as in many other industries.

Types of pipe bending machines:

According to the different dimensions and types of pipes manufactured, several bending machines have been produced, some of which are called hot pipe bending machines and others are called cold pipe bending machines.

Pipe bending machines are divided into the following types according to their operation:

  1. Manual pipe bending machines:
  2. These machines are completely mechanical, are powered by an operator force, and usually have a simple appearance and system. They are cheap and easy to repair.

  3. Electric pipe bending machines (servo motors):
  4. These machines are powered by servo-electric motors. The bending angle is very accurate and the energy consumption of the device is relatively low.

  5. Semi-automatic pipe bending machine:
  6. These series of pipe bending machines can be driven by hydraulic force or electric motor. In these machines, the bending operation is performed by the machine, but unloading, loading, rotation and adjusting the bending direction are done by the operator, which requires high expertise. The more advanced type of semi-automatic benders is almost similar to NC bending machines. Some of the features of this type of pipe bending machine are:

    • Possibility to enter and record specific bending data to each pipe and store them; Although the production and control capacity of the machine is limited, it provides a way to store valuable data.

    • Pipe holder and carrier; In addition to adjusting the size of the pipe in the right place to bend, this system also adjusts the time interval between each bend.

  7. Automatic or CNC pipe bending machines:
  8. The salient points of these machines are bending accuracy, high circulation and bending quality. CNC pipe bending machines move either hydraulically or by using servo motors and execute complex bending programs. These machines are produced in two forms, namely three-dimensional and two-dimensional CNC pipe bending machines.

    Types of pipe bending machines

  9. Hydraulic pipe bending machines:
  10. The principles of operation of these machines are based on the fluid flow created by special pumps. Due to the high power provided by hydraulic pressure, they can be used to bend large pipes.

  11. Heavy pipe bending machines:
  12. Heavy pipe bending machines are used when the pipes are made of hard and thick material with high thickness. These devices operate based on hydraulic power transmission and induction heating system to bend the pipe.

  13. Special pipe bending machines: (exclusive or special)
  14. These types of machines are designed and manufactured to produce specific parts or sets of parts. Special bending machines, from loading to unloading the piece to bending and adjusting it, are completely automatic. Also, the control systems of this machine can control its performance from weather conditions to bending operations, etc. Due to size, shape, configuration, etc., some parts can not be easily placed on ordinary equipment. There may also be processes such as polishing, hardening, and pre-coating on the pipe that make bending operations impossible under normal conditions. In addition, standard equipment and supplies may not be available. Another reason for using special equipment and machinery is the need for production. Extensive production volume and limited space persuade the manufacturer to design and build a more efficient machine. These factors are enough for some industry owners to buy a special pipe bending machine.

    To bend small diameters, the operating system of the machine can be designed based on pneumatic force. In special machines, several pipes can be bent at the same time and the production speed can be increased. In special bending machines, other operations such as: cutting, folding, shaping, punching, creating T-shaped forks, etc. can be used. Doing these factors automatically reduces production costs. Custom machines are made by machine manufacturers and engineers in this field. It is very important to know which company has the ability to produce it. Some manufacturers claim that they can deliver the best quality machine in a short time even though it is beyond their ability. To find out which company is capable in this field, pay attention to previous products, production history, brand and parts used in the machines. Keep in mind that some companies do not have the ability to produce and only assemble parts and equipment. In this case, it is difficult to match the parts with each other and you will encounter problems during production.

  15. Desktop pipe bending machines:
  16. These machines are used rarely and for bending pipes that are not so strong.

Pipe bending machines are divided into the following types based on the material of the pipes:

  1. Steel pipe bending machines
  2. Copper pipe bending machines
  3. PVC pipe bending machines
  4. Steel pipe bending machines
  5. Aluminum pipe bending machines
  6. Bending machines for rectangular pipes

Some machines can be produced only for bending certain types of pipes, while in some cases, the pipe bending machine can be used to bend different types of pipes, which depends entirely on the buyer's order. FactorNeed Technical and Support Group can provide valuable assistance to esteemed buyers in their purchase of pipe bending machines.

Advantages and disadvantages of pipe bending machines

As you know, pipe bending machines are divided into 4 general categories that have characteristics and advantages over each other. These features cause functional differences in them and also cause variation in production. Therefore, the buyer can make his choice more carefully depending on the production needs and performance of the machine. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Manual pipe bending machines

  2. Advantages:
    • Low initial cost
    • Short time to replace and adjust parts
    • Ease of doing work
    • No specialist operator required
    • Relatively safe
    • Portable
    • Disadvantages:
    • It has the maximum amount of calls and intervention of the operator
    • Very limited production capacity
    • Inability to automate
    • Inability to produce complex parts
    • Low accuracy and repeatability
    • Lower performance range
    • Inability to bend large diameter pipes

  3. Semi-automatic pipe bending machines

    • Advantages:
    • Relatively good work capacity
    • Less physical user interface than manual benders
    • Suitable for frequent and high production
    • Suitable for producing products with slightly complex shapes
    • Disadvantages:
    • The performance of the workforce has a direct impact on the accuracy and amount of production
    • Requires high expertise of the operator
    • Reproducibility in production is not as accurate as CNC machines.
    • Restrictions on the production of very complex parts

  4. CNC pipe bending machines

    • Advantages:
    • Precise angle and radius of the bending
    • Very high repeatability with excellent accuracy
    • Maintain the strength and tensile strength of the pipe along the entire length of the bend
    • Ability to create diverse and complex bends
    • Wide range of uses
    • They can be safe and secure
    • Very low noise and high power
    • Possibility of maximum control over bending
    • Disadvantages:
    • High initial cost
    • Need to be familiar with numerical control systems
    • Consume more energy than the previous two modes
    • Periodic maintenance
    • High repair cost

  5. Special pipe bending machines

    • Advantages:
    • Small pneumatic systems offer maximum speed for bends with small pipe diameters.
    • These machines are fully automatic and the cost of production is low.
    • It can have special secondary operations.
    • Produces highly complex parts.
    • Has the minimum amount of operator contact with the machine.
    • The buyer can specify the features and components of the machine
    • Disadvantages:
    • Very high cost for purchase and equipments
    • Very low flexibility to change production
    • It is difficult to find reliable and potential manufacturers
    • With the change in production, the machine becomes obsolete
    • Delivery time can be very long and the selection process could be complicated

Freeform Pipe Bending Machines

This type of pipe bending machines have the ability to bend all types of pipes with different cross sections, including round, rectangular, polygonal, etc.

Freeform pipe bending machines use a set of tools to create a variety of bends with different radii. Normally, bending a pipe requires a bending die, a clamp die and a pressure system. However, in free-form pipe bending machines, the pipe is continuously guided into the bending die of the same diameter as the pipe. By changing the position of the bending die, the guided pipe is bent to different radii. Note that this can only be done with a bending die which can create unlimited radii.

In most pipe bending processes, there is a straight length between the clamp dies and the bending dies so that it can hold the pipe in place during bending. But in free-form bending machines (freeform benders), there is no need to clamp the pipes. In this case, the possibility of any scratches or cuts on the surface of the pipe is eliminated.

دستگاه های خم کن لوله با فرم های آزاد

Advantages of free-form pipe bending machines:

  1. The minimum number of tools and equipment reduces the time and costs of production.
  2. Free-form pipe bending systems are very suitable for making prototypes and creating complex shapes.
  3. These machines are quite useful for producing parts whose bending angle is more than 180 degrees or requires multi-radial bendings with short distances or without distance.
  4. Another advantage of these machines is the use of a bending die that is required to create different shapes and angles. Therefore, changes can be made at the same time, easily, and without wasting any time. On the other hand, because sensors or holding clamps are not used, the time for adjustment and production will be shorter.
  5. These machines are quite applicable for forming thin-walled pipes. Thin-walled pipes are widely used in industries such as medical equipment, health equipment, food and beverage, and furniture industries.
  6. Creating different bends in pipes that have different cross-sectional surfaces is another advantage of these machines.

As was mentioned earlier, one of the most important benefits of free-form pipe bending machines is the reduction in the cost of tools and equipment. This means that in conventional pipe bending machines, several bending dies and clamp dies are used to make bends with limited radii and angles. If you change the diameter of the workpiece, the bending dies and clamp dies must also be changed. This means wasting more time to change and reset the machine. However, in free-form pipe bending machines one bending die can be used to create different radii and if the diameter is changed, the new bending die will be easily replaced. This will reduce the cost and production time and increase the quality of the manufactured parts.Contact FctorNeed.com support for more information.

Differences between pipe bending machines and three-roller bending machines (profile bending):

Both bending machines are used to bend pipes, but their ability to bend is different. Three-roller or profile bending machines are designed and manufactured to bend profiles, and with minor modifications, can also be used to bend pipes. On the other hand, pipe bending machines are designed and manufactured specifically for pipe bending, and with a few changes can also bend rectangular pipes.

When purchasing a pipe bending machine, it should be taken into account whether the machine will be used for bending pipes with round and rectangular sections, because such a machine would require different rolls and more engine power. The following are some of the differences between pipe bending machines and profile bending machines:

  1. in three-roller bending machines (profile bending), bending operations are performed faster, while in pipe bending machines, the speed is lower.
  2. There are no different bending angles in three-roller bending machines, whereas in bending machines, any type of bending angle and radius is applicable.
  3. Bending accuracy in three-roller machines is less than that in pipe bending machines.
  4. Three-roller bending machines are typically designed and made for bending profiles, which can also be used to change pipes by changing their rolls, but pipe bending machines are used only for bending pipes, except under certain circumstances.
  5. Pipe bending machines have the ability to offer many options, but in its three-roller type, versatility is very limited.

It is possible to bend short-length pipes by using different types of manual pipe bending machines, but it is not possible to bend short length pipes by using automatic pipe bending machines and three-roller bending machines. Hence short pipe benders are called Small pipe tube benders.

بهترین تولید کنندگان دستگاه های خم کن لوله

Countries producing pipe bending machines:

The major manufacturers of pipe bending machines are located in countries that are industrially advanced. The machines manufactured in these countries have higher durability, efficiency, accuracy and efficiency compared with the products of other countries. Therefore, some devices are chosen according to the countries of their origin, such as:

  1. German pipe bending machines
  2. Chinese pipe bending machines
  3. Turkish pipe bending machines
  4. Taiwanese pipe bending machines
  5. Italian pipe bending machines
  6. Portuguese pipe bending machines
  7. American pipe bending machines
  8. Japanese pipe bending machines
  9. Spanish pipe bending machines

NISSIN Company:

Nissin is one of the leading manufacturers in the industrial machinery industry. In the video below, you can see one of the products of this company called Freeform tube bending machine.

Amob Group Company:

The video below shows a steel pipe bending machine designed by Amob.

Transfluid Company:

The video below shows one of the company's pipe benders that can bend stainless steel pipes up to 360 degrees with the help of a mandrel system.

Star Technology Company :

The company produces a variety of pipe bending, punching, forming and polishing machines. The production equipment of this Italian company is used in various industries, including automotive, furniture, aviation, facilities and medicine. In the following video, you can see one of Star Technology's pipe bending machines:

YLM Company :

YLM company is a leader in the production of NC and CNC machines in the metal industry and in the production of various types of pipe bending machines, pipe head forming, cutting machines, wire bending machines, 6-axis robots, automation systems, machines Laser cutting machines, center chipping machines and a variety of tube feeding systems. The video below shows the operation of one of the pipe bending machines of this reputable Taiwanese company.

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